McShow gets McSyndication

Rest easy, Grey's Anatomy fans, for if you were going through withdrawals by only seeing your favorite show once a week, you will soon be able to catch every whimsical catch-phrase and improbable storyline of the show also on the weekends.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Buena Vista Television is pimping out the show to as many affiliates as they possibly can.

" 'Grey's Anatomy' is having a phenomenal run on ABC, and it has become a prized acquisition in the syndication marketplace," said Jed Cohen, executive vp, general sales manager at BVT. "We are thrilled that it has found a home on these fine stations in the top markets, which will provide an ideal launch platform for the blockbuster series."

So now you can watch George pretend to like girls, Meredith pretend to eat food, and Burke pretend to like....whatever Patrick Dempsy's character's name is to your heart's content.

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