Lindsay Opens her Mouth and Inserts Her Foot Again

Here's a prime example of the press just falling all over themselves in their efforts to start more of a feud between two people no one should really be giving two shits about.

The boys at Egotastic are just giddy with excitement at the comments Lindsay Lohan made leaving the Roosevelt Hotel late one night. Clearly, Lindsay was joking around, but it shows you just how little a celebrity needs to start a media feeding frenzy.

Good job, Lindsay. This should guarantee to keep you and Paris in the tabloids for a few more days. Thanks for keeping the paparazzi employed. Had you just shut your mouth and staggered into the awaiting SUV, it would have been an uneventful evening for the publicity vultures.

However, I will say she is looking particularly attractive now that she's put on a few more pounds and dyed her hair. Brunettes have more fun, anyway.

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