Lawyers Get Heavy-handed Over USAVOICE

If you do a Google search for USAVOICE right now, you will notice two websites pop up at the very top. These two paid ads are sites that have been created by USAVOICE to quell the growing fervor over allegations that USAVOICE is nothing but an email snatching operation.

And in light of individuals getting cease and desist letters from lawyers, we at Media Morgue would like to offer this public appology.

  • We are sorry that USAVOICE is having to work so hard to convince the general public that you are a legitimate news service.
  • We are sorry that there is so much information out there that implies that USAVOICE is a scam.
  • We are sorry that USAVOICE has had to resort to lawyers sending out nasty-grams to bully people into squelching their 1st ammendment rights.
We at Media Morgue have edited our past articles regarding USAVOICE and have omitted the offending words as much as possible. What is left is our own personal opinions, free from any tortious intent, defamation of character or libelious accusations.

We will continue to uncover as much truth about this organization as possible and we will continue to document every pay period that the employees of your fine, upstanding organization fail to be paid for their services.

Stay tuned, folks.


Michael said...

Yeah, the reputation for, and AskAmerica and Kasamba is not very good -- if you search the 'net.

I filled out two rounds of applications before finally doing some due diligence. WOW! It doesn't look good for USAVoice and etc.

But, now, in the review process, I can register for an hour-long conference call to learn about the editor position I applied for.

HHMMMMM? I enjoy mysteries so I am tempted to sign up -- but done with giving out my info.

Maybe I'll be an investigative reporter into the dealings of USAVoice?

Anonymous said...

Questions if this is legit.
Was this "letter" an email or snail mail?

What is the given name and address of the lawyer? Can it be easily verified?

What is the given name and address of USA Voice company? Can it be easily verified?

If not, it may well be bogus threats.

Michael said...

First, to make a clarificatoin in my first comment:
"but done withOUT giving out my info."

Also, since the lawyers are involved -- bogus or not -- you must be doing something right!

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, they even put up some sites now with a lengthy defense of their scam and accusing anybody questioning their legitimacy to be hate sites, internet terrorists, extortionists and such. The typical Defrawy MO, lol.

Anonymous said...

If you were giving your opinion and saying people haven't been paid, which was confirmed in an email from that Rick guy, why would you have to change your postings? I guess I am not savvy on the law because I don't see why you (Media Morgue) would have to edit articles you wrote previously.

BillyD said...

As a struggling multimedia artist and journalist, I almost fell sucker to the scam. They seem to hunt out and prey on people who have resumes posted on job sites, so anytime I get an offer too good to pass up, I investigate who the offer is coming from. Funny thing was, 2 weeks earlier I got an offer from "", and went to "" to find out who owned both; low and behold they appear to be intertwined and very similar in scam nature.
THank you media morgue for putting these pant-loads to rest in your long plastic hallway.

Anonymous said...

I must admit...I too, fell for the scam. I am so upset with myself. And for for all three websites! All I want to do is stay at home with my kids and make some money. And like others have said, they prey on people who have resumes posted because we are all looking for a good opportunity. How does The fake Editor-in-Chief Rick (by the way, my 2nd email to him regarding training came back!!!!) sleep at night? I think the conference call I attended (and had my husband come home from work early so the house could be quiet for my call) may have also been a bogus recording...has anyone been to the Editor conference call where the "host" Rick was sick and kept coughing? Please post here so I can compare notes. How do these people sleep at night? It was a complete waste of time, and I feel sorry for the so-called reporters and other staff members (if they can be called that) who keep getting screwed.

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