K-Fed Thinks We Hate Him.

In an effort to remain in the limelight just a little while longer to help him sell a few more copies of his truly terrible album, Kevin Federline has declared himself the most hated man in America.
While on stage at Hollywood club House of Blues, Kevin screamed: "Fuck the media, fuck the paparazzi. Maybe because I took their queen I am America's most hated."
Get over yourself, Kev. People don't hate you nearly as much as you think. The majority of people just think you are an opportunistic trailer trash jerk. But hate? Nah. Not likely.

You are definitely loved by the media as you are one of the reasons that tabloid journalists can pay their rent check every month. You remember something about paying the rent, don't you?

You music sucks and you have about as much talent as an ingrown toenail, but we don't hate you. So quit all this faux self-loathing in the name of publicity and go back to doing what you do best: leeching off of talented people.

Holy shit, did I just say Britney Spears was talented?? I need some sleep.

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