Is "Crap" REALLY a Bad Word?

This article by Life Style Extra caught my eye. Apparently Christian Bale thinks some of the movies he's been in aren't that good. I happen to agree with him. What is interesting about this is not what Bale says, but how the website chose to censor the word "CRAP" in one of Bale's quotes:
He said: "I've certainly had times when I've thought, 'This is the most pointless c**p I've ever come across'. Then I've thought, 'Yes but what would you rather be doing?' and I haven't come up with anything else yeet."
So these guys went out of their way to put little asterisks over the offending bad word, but they didn't bother to remove the extra "e" from the second half of the quote? Unless, of course Christian Bale has a serious speech impediment that they were attempting to translate literally.

Far be it for anyone at Media Morgue to be nitpicking typos in someone else work - lest we be judged ourselves - but since when did "CRAP" require sterilizing for the general public? In the grand lexicon of profanity (of which I like to consider myself somewhat of an aficionado), the word "crap" sits very low in the hierarchy of offense. Maybe higher than "crud" but certainly not on the same level as "shit."

The word "crap" is one of my particular favorites, running closely with "pathetic" for blatant (albeit appropriate) over-use of the adjective in various film and television reviews.

We are not living in the turn of the century. We live in a modern world filled with unimaginable atrocity. The recent Newsweek article describing some of the horrific forms of abuse in the Congo are an unfortunate example of just how incredibly despicable and violent human beings can get. In light of all that is going on around us, taking the time to prevent people from seeing a word as innocuous as "crap" just irritates me no end. It makes me want to spend time writing a letter back to these self-censoring puritans containing as many truly filthy expletives as I can possibly muster.

Perhaps if we spent less time worrying about whether or not a word might be considered offensive and instead focused our energies into resolving real issues, our society might actually improve somewhat.

But by all means, let's sanitize ourselves so we don't have to see anything we might not like.



Anonymous said...

I just googled "when did crap become a bad word" and saw your post. Thank you for saying this! It kills me that words that were invented in order to avoid "bad" words are now censored. A friend was called in by her son's teacher because her son said crap in school. Like I said - unbelievable when there are *real* issues going on in this world. It's just another excuse for people to feel important about nothing.

The Judge said...

Im glad you found it. Its been a while since I wrote that article, but it still bugs me. Americans are such an ass-backwards lot.

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