Fox News Working on a "Daily Show" Version for the Right

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Fox News is developing a satirical news show that will be a conservative version of "The Daily Show:"
Taped before a studio audience in Los Angeles, the show will feature two co-anchors, actors Kurt Long ("Cuts," "Games Across America") and Susan Yeagley ("Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Reno 911!"). It also will feature person-on-the-street interviews and correspondent reports like other shows. But Surnow said that it's not going to be strictly conservative but more in the spirit of the old and rebellious "Saturday Night Live."

"It's not going to hit you over the head with partisan politics," Surnow said. "It'll hit anything that deserves to be hit."
Since most of what Fox news puts out is more closely associated with fiction than actual news anyway, it makes sense that they would pick up the project after Fox Television passed on the idea. We'll see just what kind of topics it hits on when it premieres and how long before it just becomes a mirror image, right-wing version of "The Daily Show."

Originally titled "This Just In," the show is in the process of changing its name due to an HBO/AOL program with the same title.

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