For Better or Worse...

Well, well, well. Apparently when your star in Hollywood begins to fade its time to release those “secret” sex tapes that you made with your loving, and life-long spouse. But since nobody in “the biz” these days seems to stay married for more than about two weeks, the recent news all over the ‘net of an imminent release of Brittany and K-Fed’s supposed sex tape, begs a question. Unless you have the IQ of an asparagus spear, (which might be the answer in this case), why would you make a sex tape in the first place?

Well folks, I have a theory. Since Ms. Spears has, until recently, all but dropped off the planet, and K-Fed is an obvious zero, the reason seems pretty clear. Publicity. Now K-Fed is all over the ‘net and I’m sure will soon be on a talk show near you, even if he still can't get anybody to buy tickets to his concerts. Plus this release, whether true or not, certainly won’t hurt Brittany’s career comeback as she is being portrayed as the poor victim in this sick scenario.

God, the egos of celebrities must truly be something worth a serious psychological study. The “look at me, look at me” mentality of celebrities just makes me want to retch. The only good thing I can think of about this tape, if it does indeed exist, is that it was supposedly made during the couples honeymoon. Which means that we might get to see her when she still had a decent body without the giant “mommy boobs”. Which might be what little Kevvy is missing most, well aside from the money that is.

I can only imagine the pride that Federline's parents must be feeling. Atta' boy Kev'.

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