Diebold Attempts to Get HBO to Pull its Voting Machine Documentary

Hey, you guys make us look bad. We haven't seen it yet, but we want you to pull your documentary about us off the air.

That's nice. Go fuck yourself.

Approximately 80% of all votes in county, state and federal elections are done by computer. HBO's latest documentary "Hacking Democracy" exposes the vulnerability of those computers to tampering.

Computer voting machines can be tampered with? Who would have guessed!

Monday, David Byrd, President of Diebold Elections Systems sent a letter to HBO Chief Executive Chris Albrecht expressing concern that the film contained factual errors and did not meet HBO's standards for accuracy and fairness. Byrd requested that HBO either not run the documentary or air a disclaimer that would lead viewers to a Diebold statement concerning the film.

However, as The Hollywood Reporter pointed out, HBO had other things to say:
"You assert in your letter that the documentary contains 'significant factual errors'; however, based on several of the purported examples you have cited, you do not appear to have viewed the film which will premiere on HBO on Nov. 2," HBO attorney Peter Rienecker wrote in a letter dated Wednesday. "HBO stands by the accuracy and fairness of the documentary. Of course, if after viewing the film on the HBO service (Thursday night) you continue to have concerns, we would be happy to discuss them with you at that time."
"Hacking Democracy" airs on HBO several times through the rest of the year. To see the schedule, click here.

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