"Deja Vu" is More Thrilling than The Actual Feeling

Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Thriller
Running Time:
2 hrs. 6 min.
Release Date:
November 22nd, 2006 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and terror, disturbing images and some sensuality.
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Director: Tony Scott

JJ Rating: B+

Denzel Washington plays an ATF agent who is part of an investigation of a ferry explosion. It is figured out that it’s a terrorist attack. He gets into the investigation and is invited to take a look at a new piece of equipment that allows the government to look back in the past 4 days and 6 hours. They can figure out who did the deed and with what. They might figure out how the ferry exploded but the question is can they prevent it from ever happening?

Déjà Vu is set in New Orleans. It was suppose to have been done last year but because of the hurricane it was postponed. Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott decided to wait until there was enough recovery effort to start filming. The problem was that they might lose Washington due to their moving dates but Washington agreed with waiting and Bruckheimer stated it was an act of goodwill on his part. I think that it is awesome that they decided to keep the city the same even after the hurricane. They even rewrote the script to incorporate the aftermath of the hurricane. It was nice to see New Orleans being used in a movie. It gives it more hope to fully recover from the damage.

The movie was surprisingly good. I did think I would enjoy it but I didn’t expect to really enjoy it as much as I did. Movies that deal with time are a bit confusing because they don’t always explain time traveling the same. This movie doesn’t deal with time travel as much as it deals with the ability to look in the past. Even still they have to explain it and make it believable in the movie and for the moviegoer. I think that they did a good job because that scene was not long and it got to the point and there wasn’t a lot of gobbly crap to have to think through.

It was an exciting movie. I got to see Jim Caviezel in a different role other than good. He did a very good job with being a villain with his brooding and murky eyes. When an actor moves from playing the good guy to playing the not so good guy it is sometimes a hard transition. You look at them and go, “why are they a bad guy when they are so good?” But not with Caviezel. I’ve seen his roles where he’s the good guy. He’s been the good guy a lot and now he’s not and I didn’t have any difficulty believing him as the bad guy. I realized this when I was rooting for his death.

Washington is one of my favorite actors because he has this cool about him. I did not like Training Day but in the same line as Caviezel, Washington pulled off being a bad guy without really making a drastic horrifying change with looks. He did it with acting. It was subtle like Caviezel in Déjà Vu. Washington has this smooth coolness about him that makes me believe the character he is at the moment. It’s a talent. Like Tom Cruise: People think he’s a total whack job (as do I), but in acting he is almost untouchable at what he delivers. I like his movies for the most part and he just gives it his best and I forget how crazy his off camera persona is. That is what Washington does. He gives his best and I forget every single character he has ever played and see him for the character he’s playing on the screen at that moment. I may not like a movie he’s in but I don’t think I’ve ever not liked a movie because of him.

Déjà Vu has an interesting story that sets itself up from the beginning. So when and if you see it you should pay attention to the details that are shown and then as the story progresses you will see how neat it is to realize you’ve seen the aftermath now you see they why. The act of déjà vu is reliving something you believe you’ve already done. You have this over whelming sense of I’ve done this before and you almost freeze as if you are going to figure out when you did it. You never do because the feeling comes and goes but that doesn’t keep you from trying.

The movie isn’t totally a déjà vu moment but there are small moments throughout the movie that resemble such a feeling and I believe that’s how they came up with the title. I think it works. There are those people that would get technical and scream and say that it’s just as bad with the meaning of déjà vu as Alanis Morissetteis with ironic. I don’t care to think that hard, so therefore I don’t when I see movies.

As I’ve always stated and I state again the ending makes the movie. I was enjoying the movie up until I realized it was about to end. I wanted the movie to end well. I wanted the ending to do justice to the entire movie and make it worth my time. It did just that. The ending fits the movie and makes sense with what the movie had presented. What I really like is Washington’s moment in the car before he drives off. I really love that. It was that extra cherry on top of what was already a good banana split.

Déjà Vu is a good movie one could enjoy after eating turkey. It won’t knock you out or do any damage to you and hey, you might actually have fun at the movies again. You’re not going to leave the movie confused. I’m not one who is going to buy the movie but I am one that will state it was worth my time and I could see myself seeing it again. Plus I think I’ll think of this movie the next time I have déjà vu. Now that’s great marketing.

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