Chris Moore Thinks He Can Direct

Project Greenlight producer Chris Moore says "Hey, why should I be bitching and moaning about how these amateur shlubs are directing a movie when I know better than anyone what needs to be done."

OK, he didn't really say that, but you get were we are going with this.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The producer, whose former credits include "Good Will Hunting" and the American Pie series has decided that he would like to direct a movie himself instead of yelling at someone else for a change.

Chris will be directing the ingeniously-titled "Killers" which reads like "Friday the 13th" meets "Saw":
"Killers" revolves around a group of close friends who visit a remote vacation home to celebrate their college graduation. While there, they are put to a horrifying test by a mysterious killer who forces them into a game where they have to kill each other in order to survive.
Judging by the above synopsis, and based on the fact that its written by lawyer-turned-first-time-screenwriter Kelly C. Palmer, we're pretty sure it will be filled with all of the usual horror movie cliches. Horror movies are a lot like porn: Not much script is really needed, so long as the action is good.

After watching the "Project Greenlight" series, we have a feeling that Chris Moore knows a thing or two about filmmaking and it will be interesting to see if the newly formed hyphenate can pull off this genre with style.

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