Casino Royal is Pocket Aces

Genres: Action/Adventure, Thriller, Adaptation and Sequel
Running Time:
144 min.
Release Date:
November 17th, 2006 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of violent action, a scene of torture, sexual content and nudity.
Sony Pictures Releasing, Sony Pictures Releasing International

Directed by: Martin Campbell

JJ Rating: B+

I don’t watch Bond films to go, "OH, that make sense." I’ve learned that Bond films are just fun, so I watch them to entertain myself and to do that I have to suspend reality. This time is no different. It might have had a good plot or whatever but really it matters not to me what the hell the movie is about because quite frankly I couldn’t tell you if I had to. The only way I could do that is if I copy it from Yahoo and I’m not about to do that, so all you need to know is it’s a Bond film that has him playing Texas Hold ‘em without Texas being named. Evil I say. Casino Royale is not only fun, but to say it’s fun is to say a lot.

Daniel Craig does a job well done as Bond. I mean, I’m sure not everyone will love him and they might think someone from the past was better but they cannot deny that he personified Bond fantastically. He has HUGE shoes to fill following all those other "Bonds" people love. I think he played his cards right and showed that he had the Bond balls to pull it off and make the movie good.

It has one of the best foot chases I’ve ever seen. It’s better than some car chase scenes I’ve seen. I mean Bond looked like he was chasing Spider-Man. It had me laughing not because I thought it was silly looking, but because I thought it was awesome how real it looked. It matters not if it was real or fake or computer or whatever…what matters is that it LOOKED real which makes it that awesome. And I must make mention of the torture scene because it is one of the most brutal scenes I've seen. It's not painful as in normal pain it's painful as in: I never thought of that hope to hell that doesn't happen to me kind of pain and I squirmed.

I like the lines in the movie. They are clever and smooth like a Bond movie should be. Bond and a woman talk on the train and when she sits down she says something about money. Her line and the line that Bond follows with are my favorites for good reason. When you see the movie you’ll see why. It’s not big deal but I like the use of two words that end up, I think, playing homage to a character.

Judi Dench shows that she still has that bite that makes her worth putting in movies. Her portrayal of M is funny. Her interactions with Bond make some awesome scenes. One in particular is one of my favorites in the film. She almost seems as if she’s annoyed by him like a mother would be of a cunning child. It is a good thing that she is in this movie she adds comedic relief and a sense of structure to the chaos that Bond tends to bring along for the ride.

I’m not a huge Bond fan but I like the movies because they tend to entertain me. This one does just that. I think it has a nice balance of action and no action. The poker scenes are not as exciting as Hold ‘Em is on ESPN because it’s easy to tell what hand they have before they reveal and that sort of lets out the air in the suspense that a real Hold ‘Em game has. That’s the one thing that this Bond didn’t really have: suspense. Also I hold issue with the three, what it had felt like, romantic endings. I was thinking that it should end better and in the end it sort of does. But the entire movie is well done.

I’m not a Bond expert, nor will I be one any time in the future. I will not go and purches this movie when it drops onto DVD. What I do understand and know is what is entertaining and worth seeing and this movie is both. I waited the entire movie to hear the famous lines and I was not disappointed when they came out. If you take one thing from this review take this: Daniel Craig is Bond. James Bond.

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