Can You Tell It's Sweeps Month?

We recently mentioned the lengths that networks will go to get viewers to watch their show over the competition. This point is driven to ridiculous levels four times a year as the Nielsen sweep months take place.

Our past article mentioned that one of the tactics used is to add more T&A or celebrity guest appearances on the shows. Little did we realize that we would see ABC combine those two aspects into one glorious moment of television history.

The guys at have captured the scene from "Ugly Betty" where Salma Hayek takes her shirt off.

Now, I don't want to sound like a sexist pig or anything, but GREAT GOOGLY MOOGILY! Not only are the screen caps from the High Definition feed, but there's also got a video clip on Youtube documenting the titillating television moment.

Truly a memorable experience, if you ask my not-so-humble opinion.

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