Babel and Boring Both Start Wtih "B"

Genres: Drama
Running Time: 2 hrs. 22 min.
Release Date:
October 27th, 2006 (limited)
MPAA Rating:
R for violence, some graphic nudity, sexual content, language and some drug use.
Paramount Vantage

Directed by: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

JJ Rating: B

The eye of the storm in this movie is an American that gets shot while on a tour bus in a foreign country. And just like a hurricane the winds that surround the storm are damaging as are the other storylines that spin around the eye because of their connection with the gun shot. Two hours and twenty-two minutes of telling those stories occurs.

Babel reminds me of a very artistic and drawn out Crash. I almost gave it a B- but the point it makes is a great one. It might be slow in making it but it still makes a very good point that communication, even if one speaks the same language, isn’t just about words. It’s about actually understanding what the person is trying to say more than what it is they are saying. This movie also showed me that the world has the most cynical people in the positions that they should be more helpful and understanding.

The movie was long and had weird drawn out parts. I think that the drawn out parts, such as the deaf girl in the club, was meant to help people get a quick sense of what it felt. I like less feet dragging and more going and this movie had scenes that dragged and were long without any talking. I understand scenes without talking have points but it just dragged.

I agree with a few people that have stated that Brad Pitt did a great job of acting. He did do a great job of acting and I think if he’s nominated for an Oscar he deserves it. He looked so haggard through the whole movie. It wasn’t a glam spot in the spotlight this time. The other actors did a good job. It was a good effort by everyone involved.

I just shook my head through this movie how so many misunderstandings and mistakes causes a huge issue that is national and then world wide. I like how the movie stuck with focusing on the common people in the movie and not how the governments were involved in what was going on.

I cannot sit through this movie again. The stories on paper would be interesting but they just didn’t translate into interesting on the screen. I mean it was an interesting vantage point but as a whole it wasn’t put together without adding boring to the mix. I think having a discussion about what occurred in the movie would be fun and with that in mind I am not upset that I wasted my time seeing the movie. I think that it was well worth seeing and I’ll remember it enough to not feel the need to see it again.

Babel dealt with how misunderstandings can change lives. People were just judging others before they know what is going on. America stating it was a terrorist act before they knew anything more and only stating that because of where the shooting occurred. The border patrol officer judging someone based on their accent and skin color without understanding the situation that he was handling was different than what he was use to. Then there were people on the tour bus, after the shooting, being selfish about their own health not caring about the one that was shot. It is amusing that based on an accident a massive scale of mishaps occur.

I think that people should see the movie because it can help people understand some things that go on. People need to understand other people and what they are saying not what you believe they are saying based on their background and looks. That is a good thing about Babel: it made me shake my head. I just need to remember what it is I saw and allow it to stick with me so that I am not one of the fools who judge people based on what they look like and what I expect them to act like instead of how they are acting at the moment.

I’m not buying this movie but I’ll state that it’s a good movie to watch for a sociology class. It is a movie that can spark some interesting conversations about what was going on and how one might react if it happened to them. I do feel sorry for the class that might have to watch this movie but even so it’s worth watching to get a good conversation out of it. I’m trying my best not to blurt out something that will ruin the movie because I do want to talk about it, but I have no desire to ever see this movie again.

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