Awards Show Clusterfuck Embarasses Everyone

How far down the slope has Michael Jackson slid that even Bon Jovi refuses to present him with an award?

Apparently the World Music Awards didn't go off quite as planned the other night. In fact, in the history of awards shows, it seems clear that this will go down as one of the best depections of a live show spirialing out of control under the sheer weight of its own celebrity. It was bad. Downright, spectacularly bad.

Which, of course makes for good news.

First, among the key issues that turned the show into such a fiasco of impressive proportions is a really creepy looking Michael having his voice crack while singing a few lines of "We are the World" when the crowd (and apparently the show producers) were expecting him to sing "Thriller."

There is much discussion as to exactly what happened, but every entertainment department in every media outlet from Vancouver to Calcutta India is running a story about Jacko's bomb.

One article mentioned that Michael only sang a few lines of the song because his mic was cut off due to the show running past its curfew. The article also gives some insight into just how out-of-control things got:
Another source added: “It was an extraordinary night for all the wrong reasons. Everything that could go wrong did. Everything was late, running orders were being made up during the show. Celebs were being asked to do things with literally 10 minutes notice.

“No one could be persuaded to give Michael Jackson his award – even Bon Jovi refused. In the end they begged Beyonce – she said yes, but it certainly wasn’t in the schedule.”
While the article states that Michael was boo'ed because they cut his mic due to the show running long, the comment section of the article however appears to have a few inside sources that suggest that this was not the case at all and that the onus remains sqarely on MJ and his management for the poor performance.

British public relations genius Max Clifford concurs:

Clifford says the debacle has destroyed Jackson's reputation as a performer, explaining, "In the last five years or more, Michael has alienated a lot of people. But the one thing that always stood him in good stead was, as a performer, he was one of the greats.

"This week, he destroyed that image. The reports from the awards say he sang one mangled line, several messy high notes and exited to a chorus of boos. As a performer that was incredibly damaging, and that's all he's got left."

Jackson's performance was so poor that many fans are demanding their money back.

But amid all this talk and speculation of a superstar's continuing swan dive from untouchable ivory tower to an E True Hollywood Story, let's not forget about Lindsay Lohan. In addition to Jacko cracking, there is the story about Lindsay getting booed on stage as well. Apparently she fell down some stairs backstage and gave up her hosting duties halfway through the show.

The Mirror is running an exclusive look at Lindsay's spoiled antics around town the following night.

And finally, if there wasnt enough drama going on with the show, leave it to Paris Hilton to try to steal the trainwreck spotlight for herself. There is the story of Paris Hilton almost getting in a brawl with British Pop Star Sharleen Spiteri at an after party:

According to witnesses Paris turned on Sharleen after mistakenly thinking she'd flicked ice at her and roared, "What the f**k did you do? You f***ing ugly idiot".

At this point Sharleen is said to have curled her fingers into a fist ready to punch. One guest said Sharl spat back, "F**k off, I'm not scared of you."

All in all, a pretty nightmarish scenario for the producers of the show, but a field day for the press.

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