5 Reasons Why Myspace Has Jumped the Shark

A recent article I read mentioned how uber-popular social networking site myspace.com is dying. And while the article only mentioned how most bands are leaving the site as the reason, there are far more reasons to jump ship. There are several articles extolling the death knell for this site, but here are a five little reasons you may not be aware of:

5. The Bigger Better Deal - Myspace is quickly going the way of Friendster, Facebook, Tribe, and a dozen other social networking sites out there that are doing the same thing. And it seems like every day there are more carbon copies of myspace that might be doing it better. They may not have 3 million members, but it's only a matter of time before someone topples the giant.

4. Crappy coding - Myspace set up a simple site, then relied on hackers to make improvements. OOOH! you can change the look of your site by adding HTML to one of your profile sections? Why not just give people the option to customize their site without having to resort to a hack in the first place? Or better still, once you see this is how people are doing it, why not have your developers change your code to allow customizing things easier? Instead, the devs sat on their thumbs and let the money roll in.

3. Phony marketing strategy - Myspace would like you to believe that "Tom" is everyone's friend and he just built the website in his spare time on his college dorm computer or something. The fact of the matter is that myspace was a carefully planned system from the start. Designed from the ground up, by a team of people led by a board of directors. Putting the friendly grinning face of "Tom" on a page only serves to make the site look more personal, instead of the billion dollar marketing machine it really is. Its owned by NewsCorp. One of the largest conglomerates in the world owned by Rupert Murdoch, who is a modern day William Randolph Hurst. He has built his empire and makes billions. But go ahead and believe that "Tom" is really the guy running the place.

2. Spam Spam Spam - "Hi I'm Ginger and I just totally get off on nerdy geeks that sit in front of their computers for hours at a time. I've got a special website full of my naughty pictures of me and my friends having fun. Wont you be my friend?" Please. If women like this really existed in the numbers that myspace leads you to believe, there wouldn't be nearly as many people playing WOW at 3:30 in the morning.

1. And the number one reason big reason is that it has become socially trendy to claim how much myspace sucks. "Myspace? Oh Gawd, that was sooo 2005. I'm using ___ now. If you aren't on ____ you are retarded."

The more public attention something gets; the more mainstream it becomes, the less appealing it is to all those young, anti-establishment rebels out there. The unfortunate problem with this, though is that while everyone loves to hate the establishment, these individuals are also the prime consumer demographic that advertisers froth at the mouth over and spend millions trying to win their attention. And so begins a vicious cycle of attraction and repulsion that plays over and over again. Its only a matter of time before the next big thing comes along and myspace's value drops into the toilet.


Anonymous said...

OK, so what is the latest, greatest thing out there? Got any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I recently found a very interesting website:
There you can purchase ad space for your Blog etc.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck does that have to do with myspace?

Oh, its just linkbait. I get it.

Jeremy said...

yeah so why you said it about it if it is just another thing

Anonymous said...

Simply pointing out the fact that it is linkbait, that is all.

Stormy said...

Vox may end up being a bit better than Myspace. It has a profile page, superior blogging and networking capabilities, allows for photo, video and audio storage. Only downside is that it doesn't allow for much customization of profile pages at this time. It's put together but Six Apart, same folks who did Live Journal.

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