Will Aaron Sorkin be Beaten by High School Football Players?

So Friday Night Lights replaced Studio 60 last night in a one-night-only audition for the Monday 9pm time slot. NBC feels that with "Heros" as the lead-in, that the show will get a boost with its surprising following and help drive the peacock boys to better numbers.

The episode for FNL last night was a particularly good one, too - involving lots of T&A, some good football drama and a little bit of heart string pulling. But does the show pack enough of a punch to keep viewers tuned in after Heros? Only Nielsen knows for now. Overnights have not been posted yet, but if we find out anything, we'll definitely pass it along.

Favorite Part: a glimpse of Minka Kelly in her underwear. Oh thank heaven for Tivo.

Meanwhile, there has been a lot of debate about the fate of Studio 60. Sorkin's behind the scenes drama of a late night sketch comedy show seems to be perched on the precipice of the abyss. The Edmonton Sun even went so far as to say that its probably already a done deal. A recent report that NBC ordered three more scripts for the show doesn't seem to be helping things much either, as this article from FoxNews.com suggests. However as the Mayor of Television states, the Fox article may not be entirely fair and balanced.

As its weekly numbers continue to prove, most people not involved with the television industry (I.E. normal people) don't really give a rats ass about the behind the scenes drama of a late-night sketch comedy show. With the Nielsen sweeps starting Thursday and running to November 29th, we could be looking at the final twitches of life from Sorkin's pride and joy.

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