Why Michael Bay Needs to be Bitch Slapped

OK, there might be more than one reason to keep your pimp hand strong on the side of this guys kisser, (remember Pearl Harbor) but for now, here is reason numero uno:

AZCentral.com reports that in a recent article in Esquire magazine, Bay states that Scarlet Johansson was furious she couldn't be topless in a scene in the recent sci-fi stinker The Island:
"Scarlett said, 'I'm not wearing this [expletive] bra. I'm going naked.'
I said, 'Scarlett, you can't go naked, this film is PG13.'"
Pity there wasn't at least one heterosexual weasel from the marketing dept. on hand for that conversation who could have given Bay a gentle nudge (i.e. a kick in the nuts) and quietly suggest that the footage could be added to the DVD as a deleted scene, making sales for the piss-poor film skyrocket. Not to sound too sexist here, but how many people do you think would have run out and purchased the DVD if they knew they could see Scarlet's unencumbered funbags?

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