Weekend Box Office Recap (10/27)

1. Saw III (Rottentomatoes = 41%) $34.3 million - Halloween is definitely upon us as thousands of people flock to the theaters to be scared shitless, no matter how inane or nap-inducing the film may be. Last year's #1 film for Halloween weekend was "Saw II" and grossed $31.7M. With the success of the latest installment, how much you wanna bet ol' Jigsaw comes back one more time?

2. The Departed $9.84 million, 93% fresh - 24 days in release and the film is still grossing solid numbers. Even James Woods liked the movie, and that's saying something, considering how he feels about the rest of Hollywood.

3. The Prestige - $9.926 million, 72% fresh - The film was Number 1 last week and now jumps to #3, dropping a predictable 35%.

4. Flags of our Fathers. $6.35M - 72% fresh. A popular film about a time when enemies were clearly defined and patriotism meant knowing that your government supported you. Ah, the good old days...

5. Open Season - $6.1M - 49% fresh
Part of the "if it worked once it will work millions of times" philosophy of modern computer animation. There is nothing new and nothing redeeming about this flick. Pixar can do it better and funnier than Sony could ever dream of doing.

And the rest...

6. Flicka - $4.95M
7. Man of the Year - $4.714M
8. The Grudge 2 - $3.3M
9. Marie Antoinette - $2.85M
10. Running With Scissors - $2.55M

At the bottom of the list this week at #44 is Superman Returns. With 124 days in release, the film is still playing in 56 die-hard, sticky floored, last-run grindhouses and managed to squeak in about $56 thousand. Its still a crap shoot if the movie has made enough to actually break even, but that's not stopping Brian Singer and co. from making a few more bucks from the corpse of a franchise.

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