Weekend Box Office Recap (10/23)

A slow weekend for movies produced some pretty poor numbers for the top five films.

1. The Prestige - $14.8M - (rotten tomatoes 74% fresh)
2. The Departed - $13.7 M - 93% fresh
3. Flags of Our Fathers - $10.2M - 73% fresh
4. Open Season - $8.0M - 49% fresh
5. Flicka - $7.7M - 55% fresh

Sophia Copolla's Marie Antoinette, (RT 53%) comes in at number 8 on the list, grossing just $5.8M. Kirsten, if you really want to go to art school, this might be your walking papers.

The 3d Re-release of Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" hit the list at #12, grossing $3.2M

And at the bottom of the list, just like last week is Infamous. (RT 70%) and averaging just $970 per screen. which tied for last place with Running with Scissors. However, Scissors is only on 8 screens right now and is hoping that the hype will drive it forward. But at a measly 23% fresh, don't hold your breath.

The low total gross for all of the films suggests that audiences might be taking a break from movies right now. Perhaps saving up their energy and taking out a second mortgage in order to get ready for the holiday season onslaught that will soon be upon us.

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