Studio 60 gets a Life Preserver

When we heard that Friday Night Lights was replacing Studio 60 on Monday Oct 30, we thought that in light of the progressively deteriorating ratings, this spelled the end of the line for Sorkin and company's latest baby.

But we just read on that Studio 60 was given the nod for three additional scripts. Still not a full ride, but it shows that NBC still has faith in their Golden boy to bring in an audience for their Monday night time slot. So apparently this is just a temporary adjustment, aimed at giving Friday Night Lights a boost by putting it after NBC's hit Heros.

As for S60, the big question still remains: can Sorkin figure out a way to get the fly-over states interested in a series about a fictional Hollywood TV show? Let's hope he doesn't have to resort to just theological versus liberal debate or nifty celebrity cameos. Or worse, story lines involving characters that are so far outside the realm of believability that they are laughable. (We're still reeling at the notion that someone in their late 50's wouldn't know who Abbott and Costello were.)

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