Still Not Ready for Prime Time

What's the difference between "Studio 60" and "30 Rock"?

One is creative, intelligent, funny and well written. The other is "30 Rock."

After a lot of talk, critical discussion and speculation, Lorne Michaels latest opus has finally premiered like a kazoo player in a philharmonic orchestra. Former SNL head writer Tina Fey has tried valiantly to pull off a prime-time sit-com, but sadly, its 30 minutes of bland, sort-of funny jokes, tied together with a vague plot that's just barely interesting enough to carry the show through the season. Fey plays a typical straight man: a Mary Tyler Moore-type personality that is surrounded by fools. Alec Baldwin, does a decent job of being an out of touch TV exec, but Tracey Morgan was just not believable as a "Martin Lawrence-esque" comedian. Possibly because Morgan wasn't really that funny in the first place and his characters have always been just a tad too odd to be taken either seriously or comically. Jane Krakowski has never done comedy very well, and its clear by seeing her here that she really hasn't gotten any better since Alley McBeal was canned.

So now we've got two shows that are inspired by a geriatric late night show on the same network that hasn't been funny in over two decades. Good work, NBC.

The best way I can sum it up is like this: "30 Rock" is to "Studio 60" as "Scrubs" is to "ER."


As expected, the quote whores over at Aint It Cool News broke out the chapstick and kneepads to please their network Johns by proclaiming it "the best Sitcom on Network TV." Anything for PR, right Harry?

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