Spray "The Hoff" in Your Pitts

David Hasselhoff has had a pretty busy PR schedule lately.

First, he stunned college students in Dublin by stating that KITT, (the car from the Knight Rider series) was gay.

Then he was accused of being drunk and falling asleep on live TV.

Then there was the toe-sucking, bar-hopping antics we mentioned the other day.

Followed by even more toe-coveting goodness during an award presentation.

And now the star of "Jekyll and Hyde, the Musical" has announced that he is starting a fragrance line, encouraging people to (I kid you not, here) "spray yourself with me."
"It's never been a better time to be - these products will be an extension of who I am and what better way to start your day than by spraying yourself with me and then heading out to face the world."
There's no confirmation from The Hoff's website, (which looks like it hasn't been updated since June) on whether or not the new scent will have an aroma of cheese or not.

Looking at all of the things he's done lately, you have to question it: Are these bizzaro antics the desperate flailing of a once-popular 80's TV star as he swan dives into obsolescence, or are they carefully calculated PR machinations to keep his aging persona in the public eye so he can make a few extra publicity bucks for his book? My guess is that its probably a little bit of both.

Either way, I'll have to send the little toe sucker a thank you note for making my job so damn easy.

Photo credit: Many thanks to people.monstersandcritics.com for the pic

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