Sorkin Sinks Further, SNL Stinks Further

Despite intelligent writing, good action, well-placed and believable comedic moments and more of that good old walking and talking stuff that he's so good at, Aaron Sorkin continues to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune by continuously losing the battle of the ratings war every week. Meanwhile, the show it so skillfully emulates continues to stink up the airwaves with its putrid and just plain not funny sketches.

Possible reason: stupid sells. Smart goes home and writes movies.

Another great episode of Studio 60 aired last night, not that anyone happened to notice. We don't know what the overnights are for this yet, but if judging by the past three weeks worth of numbers, it's safe to assume they weren't good...which is certainly not to say that the show is bad. Studio 60 is quickly becoming one of those critically acclaimed and not-watched television shows. Our hope is that NBC has enough faith in Sorkin to let the show build its audience gradually rather than having to blow everyone's socks off right out of the gate.

On another stage, Saturday Night Live continues to insult our intelligence with bits like "Jon Bovi" (see, they were the exact opposite of Bon Jovi. Get it? Yeah, comedy gold, I tells ya.) and the stinker sketch of the evening "Out of breath jogger from 1982." Used obviously as a filler to get them to the end of the show, the bit was totally pointless and (like most of SNL) not even remotely funny.

SNL writers please take note: Any bit that makes you go "What the fuck??" after reading it through the first time should be burned in a trash can.

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