Soderbergh does Che Guevara Twice

Sure you may wear a t-shirt with his face on it and you may have even watched "the Motorcycle Diaries" and enjoyed it, but do you really know who Ernesto Guevara de la Serna was? If not, Steven Soderbergh will soon be working hard to make sure you do.

The street is abuzz today with talk of Soderbergh helming not one, but two full-length films about Che, with Benico del Toro as the lead.

Hardly any footage of the epic bio-pic has even been shot yet, but critics are already comparing it to Lawrence of Arabia. Some seriously big shoes to fill, if you ask me.

According to, the films will show two separate stages of Che's rise to power:
The first film, The Argentine, begins as Che and a band of Cuban exiles (led by Fidel Castro) reach the Cuban shore from Mexico in 1956. Within two years, they mobilized popular support and an army and toppled the U.S.-friendly regime of dictator Fulgencio Batista. The second film, Guerrilla, begins with Che's trip to New York, where he spoke at the United Nations in 1964 and was celebrated in society circles.
To help keep production costs down, Soderbergh will be shooting the films back-to-back. A technique employed effectively with the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It's also been noted that the total cost of production will be only $70 million for both films combined, so expect a gritty, hand-held feel to everything that Soderberg has become rather well known for. Its a sure bet that we are going to be hearing quite a lot about these films in the near future.

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