"Saw III": Nyquil Aproved

Genres: Suspense/Horror and Sequel
Running Time:
107 min.
Release Date:
October 27th, 2006 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
R for strong grisly violence and gore, sequences of terror and torture, nudity and language.

Directed by: Darren Lynn Bousman

JJ Rating: B-

I expected Saw III to be astoundingly creative like the first two were to me. The concept of the movie is that a man has to go through a series of obstacles that involve people he can save or not save. He has vengeance issues and this is why it is up to him. Can he go through it without being vengeful? According to the “Clown” he has to let go in order to pass the tests. The idea is interesting and somewhat creative, but when held against the first two it pales in comparison.

What is so awesome about these Saw movies is the music. Everyone knows that music plays a vital role in how “freaked out” one gets when they see horror movies. Saw has a talent in this regard. Also along those lines the sound effects are very creepy. The noise of breaking bones is more cringe-worthy than the sight itself. That is what makes the Saw movies more entertaining than other movies in the same genre.

I have said that endings are important, and they are, but beginnings show how great the movie is going to be. The beginning of Saw III was a mockup of the beginning of Saw and that turned me off from the get go. I wanted something different. I was looking for a beginning that was as awesome in its own right or better than the first two. Not something that was almost an exact duplicate. It lessens the neato-ness of Saw’s creativity. I then realized that the movie was not going to be as I had hoped.

The other reason I like Saw movies is the very inventive death sequences they have. The first two captured my creative eye with how they killed people off. This is also why I like the Final Destination Trilogy because the deaths in those movies are creative. That is what I expected this go around: creative deaths. But that is not what I got. It seemed as if things were thrown together and it looked sloppy. The quick camera panning that Saw introduced to the trilogy was used way too often in this movie and it made it into more of a gimmick then anything else.

There is one scene that I really thought was good. It has to deal with a “judge” so just remember that. The visuals in that scene are great because I felt like gagging and all I was doing was seeing it and not smelling it. I was imagining what the god awful smell would be like and that was why I gagged. Because it made me feel like that the scene will never be forgotten. It is good to point out that Saw III sacrificed creativity to go into the realm of gross-out and I'd just like to say the payoff isn’t the same.

The lines in this movie were not as gut-jabbing as some lines that were in the first two. They seemed more childish and less well thought out. Speaking of child, someone brought their daughter to see the movie and she couldn’t have been more than ten years old. I can’t believe people think that’s alright. But if they want to deal with the nightmares that are for sure to follow then that’s their own hell they created. I’m just glad the girl kept quiet and just watched instead of ask questions.

The ending made the movie better because it ended like I the first two with a distorted moral. That’s why the whole trilogy is oddly cool because of its bloody way of sharing a good moral. If the ending was more like the beginning I would have really hated this movie. It saved itself with an ending that was worthy of a Saw movie.

I never bought the first two movies even though I really liked them. I would actually watch them if they were on while I was flipping through the channels. I would watch them if someone invited me over. I will not watch this one again. It wasn’t as exciting. I am disappointed that they used teeth to dictate the number three on the posters and never did anything with teeth at all during the entire movie. Saw III better not lead to four because this one was so close to a total bore that I almost drooled when I took a several minute nap. Just like in the cartoons with the thought bubble, I probably had a saw and a log and a couple of ZzZz’s.

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