Saturday Night Live Takes a Break Three Weeks Into Their Season. What gives?

So why exactly did Saturday Night Live do a repeat of their season premiere only three weeks after it originally aired? Are the writers so exhausted from creating crappy sketch comedy that they needed a break? Is the weekly grinding of humorless, bland entertainment finally getting to the cast? Did someone at NBC finally wake from that hangover long enough to realize the show isn't worth the money they are spending on it and pulled the plug?

Sadly, no. Everyone is still real happy to turn out crap whenever they can. It was just a scheduling conflict this past weekend.

It turns out that there was a NASCAR race that ran on Saturday night. Fearing that it would go long, "the powers that be" decided to schedule a repeat of SNL and tuck their comedy gold carefully under their pillow in the hopes that it will turn into something better the following week.

This means that the writers have had two weeks to fine-tune and perfect their 90 minute wonder. That's twice the amount of time they normally have. Will next week's show display comedy and creativity worthy of two weeks worth of work or will it be more of "Out of breath jogger from the 1980's" again?

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