Same as it Ever Was

Saturday Night Live returned to the airwaves this weekend for its' 32nd season premiere - showing once again how the talented writers at SNL cram 10 minutes of mildly-amusing comedy sketch writing into a 90 minute show.

Why in Hell is this show still on the air? The sketches are not funny, the musical acts suck and the obvious cue-card reading is distracting.

There has been much talk about the cast being slimmed down to 11, with the release of Horatio Sans, Chris Parnell and Finesse Mitchell. But is it any funnier? Nope, not really. With former head writer Tina Fey running off to do a show about an SNL-like late night sketch comedy show, SNL continues to lumber along, shuffling its feet like the walking dead. A zombie imbued with the spirit of Steve Martin, John Belushi and Gilda Radner, but completely devoid of their humor.

Host Dane Cook tried to inject some energy into the old bag of bones, but failed. There was a funny bit about re-training a class of TSA employees in light of the revised fluid restriction on airplanes and a sketch about two guys that drink way too much water, but that was it.

"Weekend Update" was terrible. In spite of the cameo by NBC's Brian Williams, the jokes fell flat and their news strayed further from the entertainment life their predecessors like Jayne Curtain and Chevy Chase gave it.

Musical Guest the Killers - nervous gesticulations and off-key singing made them sound more like a band full of autistic "special" students. [Hey, was that "Meathead" from "All in the Family" on drums?]

Saturday Night Live's premiere was what we have come to expect of the foundering legacy. If left to its own devices, Lorne Michael's Titanic of a TV show will continue to be the ire of late night television - whose most talked about features continue to be the digital shorts, lip syncing b-list musicians and un-funny, out-of-touch comedy writing. And with nothing to compete or replace it with, it will remain on the air, bludgeoning our intelligence and wasting our time.

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