Rockefeller Skank: "NBCU 2.0" throws 700 employees under the bus

Its been in the rumor mill for the past few days, but Employees of NBC/Universal were finally told yesterday about the exciting way that their company was going to save about $750 million per year in operating costs: MSNBC is gettting a beautiful, state-of-the-art newsroom at Rockefeller plaza, West coast operations of NBC news are going to merge, and oh yeah: The Grim Reaper is apparently the new CFO:

Questions about layoffs were front and center in employees' minds during a town-hall meeting Thursday with Zucker, NBC Universal chairman and CEO Bob Wright and other top executives. While they talked about the need to streamline NBC Universal's operations for the future and tearing down walls in response to a move to a digital world, employees wanted to know how many layoffs there would be. No one flinched from talking about the certainty of layoffs or when the threat would be concluded, according to multiple sources.

One employee on the call said in an interview that Zucker and other executives noted that "there will be serious cuts, and they repeated there is no single date they can say when all the cuts are over and everyone is safe." The cuts will be the steepest since NBC cut 560 jobs, or 10% of its work force, in 2001.

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