Quick Hits: Tuesday

Reuters is trying to be hip by opening a virtual news bureau in Second Life. Soon to feature virtual advertising virtually everywhere you look.

Now that Google has picked up youtube, the sharks have noticed the blood in the water.

Sensing that his "turd bird" may be becoming prehistoric, Rupert Murdock is considering selling off DIRECTV to his arch nemesis John Malone.

And in celebrity gossip bullshit....

Scarlet Johansson sings Tom Waits. This might actually be worthwhile.

Jack Osbourne - whose claim to fame is being the son of Ozzy Osbourne - continues to ride the coat-tails of someone else's success by boasting he's a swag whore

The WWE has made everyone's fantasy come true by having John Cena body-slam K-fed.


X17 has stalkerazzi pics of Jenniffer Aniston drinking a bottle of water. (yawn)

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