Quick Hits: Thursday

Here are a few things to tide you over while we drink our morning coffee and try to remember how to write:

Johnny Depp will be teaming up again with Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter for a film version of Sweeny Todd. For those of you who only know about Sweeny Todd from watching "Jersey Girl," its the story of a barber/ serial killer who murders his victims with a straight razor whose friend bakes the victims into meat pies.

Yoko Ono is suing EMI for $10 million, claiming that her efforts of wringing money out of John Lennon's dead body should have brought her more money.

Nora Ephron blogs the details of Steve Wynn's ability to turn a priceless Picasso into a perforated flea market reject.

Having no real news to report, Variety documents the sad state of valet parking as awards season gets underway in Tinseltown. Lets all bleed a little for those executives that had to wait 40 minutes for the valet to park their Bentley.

Despite the fact I don't like it, Grey's Anatomy is tops in the ratings war, while Sorkin's Studio 60 continues to slide further into obscurity.

Realizing he probably cant win many fights against men anymore, Mike Tyson drums up interest in himself by hopping aboard the crazy train for another go-around.

Proving that people would just rather see her tits, Janet Jackson's latest album blows goats.

Apple's latest ipod ships with a virus.

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