Quick Hits for Wednesday

Here is some insight into the wonderfully weird world of Hollywood:

Dr. Phil buys a house in a quiet mid-Wilshire neighborhood, then fills it with drug addicts, racists and miles of support equipment and crew necessary to videotape and document the goings on. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?


Dr. McDreamy gets throttled by an enraged Dr. Burke. - and if you know who those people are by their character names, you really need to be watching better television.


Barbra Streisand drops the F-bomb on a heckler. Apparently this is big news.


The house from "A Christmas Story" becomes a tourist attraction - I guess the owner of the house finally decided to cash in on people driving up to his place for the past 23 years.


Jack Osbourne blames his sister for his blueballs:
"She scares them off! I'll be with a girl and Kelly will go, 'You're ugly! Fuck off!' "She may be right but that's why I haven't had sex for four months!"

Kate Winslet
declares Jack Black the sexiest film star she has ever worked with. Entire world blinks quietly in disbelief.


Big surprise here: Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not a very good movie

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