Puritans Rejoice: New DVD Player Censors Content Automatically

For the parents that don't feel technology like the V-chip or instilling proper viewing habits is enough to protect their impressionable children from seeing objectionable material, There's a new DVD player being marketed just for ultra-conservative types that makes sure little Billy won't ever have to hear the word "damn."

The ClearPlay auto-load player by Max Play is a device that works like a regular DVD player, only it has special "filters" that you can download (for the low-low price of $7.95 a month, or an annual membership of $79.00 per year), that allow the DVD player to skip over or mute material that might be objectionable. Though many of the more popular films don't have filters yet, ClearPlay's people are hard at work hacking and slashing as many films as they can to keep up with demand, so there is a wide variety of titles available. Don't hold your breath that you'll see Pulp Fiction in the list anytime soon. (though they do have "Fight Club" and I would love to see how they modified that one to make it safe for kids.)

Censorship makes a great stocking stuffer for the Neo-Con in your life this holiday season

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