Mel's back on the sauce

Big Deal.

Did anyone really think that Mel Gibson was serious about rehab? Of course not. He went so that he could avoid jail time and make himself look good in the eyes of the public. So its no surprise that he was spotted at a bar in Austin drinking a beer and chilling with a couple of D-cup hanger-ons.

Come on, folks. Give the guy a break! He's got another epic dead-language film to hock and he's single-handedly focused the ire of man-hating feminists, the Jewish community and the LAPD in one fell swoop (three groups one would be best to avoid pissing-off in LA). The guy's been on a publicity free-for-all (or is that freefall) for the past several months. Let him drink his shitty beer and leave him alone, lest he seek his revenge by producing a 4 hour blockbuster on Aborigines ancient folklore done entirely in the extinct language of Gaadudju.

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