Lindsay's Lesbian Sex With Keira Knightley is reporting that Everyone's favorite party girl Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley are going to be working together on a film where their characters are sexually attracted to each other.

However, before all the guys out there start reaching for the Lubriderm and Kleenex, we at Media Morgue have serious doubts that this is going to be as steamy as our attention-grabing headline would lead you to believe. As titillating as the idea of seeing Lindsay and Keira rolling around in a sweet tangle of sweaty legs, heaving breasts and intermingling tongues may be to the average sex-crazed movie watcher, understand that the screenplay is being written by Knightley's mother Sharman MacDonald and Lohan's career is carefully managed by her mother as well. Our guess is that the on-screen action is going to be much more PG-13 than we're all secretly hoping for.

In the meantime, we suggest watching Bound a couple more times to get you through the day.

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