Lindsay Lohan's Red Carpet Surprise

We really don't want to make this website an all Lindsay Lohan celebrity smackfest, [mostly because I don't have the time to write that much] but this one from those tireless agents at TMZ was just too good to pass up. And if they are going to lob it over the plate like that, it would be a sin to not take a solid swing at it:

At the American Cinematheque award honoring George Clooney this past Friday evening, the current reigning queen of the celebrity train wrecks was slapped with a subpoena...on the red carpet:
It all started after the actress was approached by a woman who Lindsay assumed was an autograph seeker on her way out of the event. Lindsay said to the woman "You're my first autograph!" to which the woman promptly answered "You've been served."
Leave it to wrist-breaking, parking meeter crashing, and Kiera Knightly canoodling Lindsay to not only be smacked with something that in normal situations is pretty embarrassing, but to have it done on the red carpet in front of hundreds of's Lindsay.

Therefore it is time to make this a law:

Let it be written that from now on, any celebrity that is served with a subpoena while being surrounded by media in a highly public situation will forever from this day onward be known as "Pulling a Lohan."

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