Hyde un-seats The Viper Room as the Number One Hangout For Celebrities to Collapse In

Three days after it was reported that Nichole Richie decided to check herself into an undisclosed facility "to determine why she's not putting on any weight," TMZ reports that she collapsed at Hyde early Sunday morning. Looks like she's really listening to that good nutrition advice she's been receiving. Her new "eat nothing and drink heavily till the wee hours of the morning diet" will be a sure fire way to help her pack on the pounds.

Sources for TMZ state that Richie was hanging out with Lindsay Lohan in the club prior to her collapse. Later, Lohan - in a less-than-lucid state - thinks the paparazzi in the parked car behind her are trying to ram her SUV.

What a weekend. And here all I did was eat barbecue and watch TV.

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