Hell is Apparently Not as Popular as Entrepreneur Would Like

Back in 1995, when the Internet was still in its infancy, Kenneth Aronson thought it would be cool to register the domain name hell.com. He sat on it for many years and then decided to cash in on his quick thinking.

Unfortunately, Ken is a bit of an asshole.

See, six years ago he tried to sell it for the asking price of $8 million. When everyone told him to go to Hell, he lowered the price. Now in a recent article, he's asking for only $1 million.

While it may be really cool to say you own the rights to Hell.com, can you really expect someone to pay a million bucks for it?

Something about these cyber-squatters doesn't sit right with me. They snatch up the good names, then extort as much money as they can for them. While it may not be illegal, its not exactly the most moral way to do business. But in a world where people can convince you to hand over a list of your friends and family's email addresses with the dream of making money for nothing, I guess its all par for the course.

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