Haven't we REALLY seen enough of Rosie O'Donnell?

I like "Nip/Tuck." Sure they've jumped the shark, but it's fun to watch a show go through the death spasms of trying to out-do themselves with more shocking, contrived and unbelievable storylines each season.

Besides, I'd watch anything that pisses-off the Parents Television Council.

Did you see the episode with Rosie O'Donnell? Far be it for me to ruin the surprise if you haven't, but watching a naked (and mercifully obscured by a sheet) Rosie talk about macaroni and cheese as Julian McMahon's bare ass begrudgingly boffs away at her corpulent carcass was actually one of the more humorous and memorable moments of the show. [memorable? It's seared onto my retina. My eyes! my eyes!]

Now, the gang over at TMZ are reporting that Rosie is "in talks" with the Nip/ Tuck creators to star in her own television series based on her "Dawn Budge" character she played in the show.

And by "In talks" we mean that someone from the producing team had a few too many mojitos one night and suggested that seeing more of the annoying, blabbermouth "new yawkah" (and her character) might be a creative way to assault the television watching audience into oblivion.

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