Hassled by "The Hoff"

There are few things better in life than to read about the drunken exploits of aging, 1980's D-list TV stars. OK, maybe world peace, or watching George Bush finally leave the Oval Office, but short of that...Witness the alcohol fueled antics of David Hasslehoff. This article from UK tabloid webmag The People is simply just too good to be true.

Not only did he convince two young ladies to sing his big hit "Jump in my car" (after having to teach them the lyrics) while he sloshed and bounced his way down the sidewalk, but his smooth-talking justification for getting jiggy with girls literally half his age is solid gold:

"He said to me, 'When I split up with my wife she told me not to go with girls unless they're over 45, then she dropped it to 35 because I told her all the hot girls were younger.

"Then I was with my daughter one day and she told me it was OK to have a woman who was 28. You're 22 so you'll do'.

Apparently "The Hoff" is not nearly as popular in Europe as we had all thought.

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