Haley Joel Osment on the Fast Track to Has-been Status

We made it a point not to use one of the overly-used "6th Sense" lines when referring to HJO. (HaJO?). But just know it was on the tip of our tongue.

Mr. Osment has pleaded no contest to drunk driving and drug possession charges which caused him to crash his Saturn into a mailbox in La Canada in July. He has to attend a bunch of AA meetings (look at how much good they did for Mel Gibson) and pay a $1500 fine.

Perhaps Mel can teach young Yaley a thing or two about drunk driving and dealing with the law. Despite Haley's BAC being twice the legal limit (a fact they love to stress in press reports) he did't not convey the requisite anti-Semitic slur or confectionery mammary comment as was expected of celebrities nowadays.

Here's hoping that his residual check is enough to buy him a new hybrid vehicle or something.

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