The Evolution of Media Morgue

Its been an interesting month for Media Morgue.

In the past month, we launched as a way for me to keep up my creative writing while also venting about the evils of Hollywood and the terrible stuff that gets passed as entertainment by them.

Since launching, I posted an article about USAVOICE that apparently struck a chord with some readers. I feel like the Ralph Nader of online scams. Champion for truth, justice and the American way (or something.)

As a result of posting the article, the USAVOICE website was comment spammed by people linking back to Media Morgue. Our busiest day was this past Thursday and had over 700 people visiting our site and that one article. A little "black hat" perhaps, but I support doing whatever it takes (within reason) to put a stop to scams that exploit people's weaknesses. I am glad I was able to help a few people see what was going on and back out of the scam before it was too late.

Since then, the editors at USAVOICE have been scouring the comments from articles and the traffic we were seeing from them has dwindled back down to normal.

But now we have a readership for other reasons: Pretty damn good content.

In one month, we went from being a one man band to a three person army. We now have three additional writers to the Media Morgue empire and they will be submitting articles on their own as much as possible.

In the months to come, you can expect more content, more comment, and more snark about this thing we call the Hollywood Machine.

We're happy to be here and we're not going away any time soon.

In short, thanks for making Media Morgue part of your online destination.

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