CNN and NPR Won't Promote Presidential Snuf Film

Yahoo Entertainment News (via Reuters) is reporting that both NPR and CNN are refusing to air advertising for the controversial film depicting the assassination of George Bush.

The film, "Death of a President" is a British film which starts Friday in theaters across the US. It apparently caused quite a stir when it debuted at the Toronto Film Festival, then went on to win the prize of the international critics.
"CNN has decided not to take the ad because of the extreme nature of the movie's subject matter," the cable television network said in a statement.
A source for NPR states that they will cover the film for news purposes, but will not air sponserships to avoid confusion among the listeners.

Prior to being released, most critics that have seen the film are not fans (Rottentomatoes: 31%) However I am sure that this number will change once it opens in wide release.

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