Bill Maher's Halloween Costume

Personally, I like Bill Maher. His show is funny, thought provoking and he's not afraid to make fun of sacred cows.

Case in point, his Halloween costume for this year, as reported by The comments section of the site trends towards the "lets lynch his liberal, crack-smoking, terrorist-loving ass," but I thought it was pretty damn funny. And personally, if you can't laugh at death, you really aren't living.

I wonder how many other people are doing variations on the Steve Irwin theme this year. You ca be sure that Bill is not the only one.

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Stormy said...

That Hot Air site is full of hot air it seems. After going to all of the trouble to register so I could leave a dissenting comment it wouldn't allow me to. His page kept saying my user name didn't exist even when I requested my password again and had a verification in my email inbox. That's one way to get only comments that support your point of view. Lame!

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