Because Everyone Loves a Trainwreck

Poor Brandon Davis.

OK, if you are like most normal people that haven't a clue or even care as to who the fuck Brandon Davis is, (he doesn't even have a Wikipedia page. How droll) just know that you aren't missing much. His biggest claim to fame so far appears to be in calling Lindsay Lohan "fire crotch" as Paris Hilton cackles quietly beside him like the head cheerleader in a popularity contest at high school.

Therefore, it is with a certain level of giddy, movie-of-the-week pride that we see the cruel hand of fate sodomize the oil heir (or oil hair) get denied access to his favorite, ultra-trendy and way-too-over-hyped Hollywood hangout Hyde:
After stepping away from the host stand in defeat, Davis returned to his vehicle as word spread through the crowd of his denial. One woman was heard yelling "Denied!" and laughing at his loss while another blurted out "Scumbag!" The doorman was even trying to hide his smile after turning Brandon away.

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