"30 Rock" moves while "20 Good Years" Shows What Happens When You are Not So Good

Remember the 80's? Probably not. Chances are you were either just born, are trying to block the era of bad fashion from your mind, or all that blow has finally taken its toll on your memory.

Regardless, those parachute pants and "Member's Only" jacket-wearing days also marked the time when NBC dominated the Thursday night airwaves with their "Must-See-TV" lineup of "Friends," "Sienfeld," and "Cheers."

Now, the peacock people are trying to reposition their feathered posteriors back onto the ivory pedastal of Nielsen superiority they once ruled over by shuffeling their latest stable of show ponies around a bit.

30 Rock, the lackluster, unfunny sit-com about a lackluster, unfunny sketch comedy show, will be joining "Scrubs," "My Name Is Earl," and "The Office" to Thursday nights, prior to capping off the evening with the Selachimorpha-hurdled (shark-jumped), yet still profitable ER.

"20 good years," however, staring Jeffrey Tambor and John Lithgow never really got out of the gate and the powers that be have decided to pull the plug. Rumor is that "20" has the possibility of coming back as a mid-season replacement, should one of NBC's other shows prove to be even less funny and pull even worse numbers - which is highly unlikely. There aren't too many shows on TV that are as bad as this "Odd Couple" gone wrong bomb.

With "30," it makes sense that they would drop it in with the likes of "Earl" and "Scrubs" as the combination of comedies will probably play very well in the ratings game.

However, it doesn't mean it's any better of a show.

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