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Here are some of our favorite stories over the years:

Quentin Tarantino: The Pawn of Corporate Linkbait
We broke the news that a Variety columnist was speading rumors simply to get people to visit her website.

Time's 10 Best Web Videos - Says who?
Time Magazine created a year-end article showing the 10 "best" internet videos. We beg to differ on this.

Trouble in Tinseltown: The Golden Globes Cancelled
We confirmed it while the rest of the media was still speculating.

Trainwreck Television: The Real World
Is there anyone over the age of 20 still watching this shark-jumped miasma?

Maury Povich: Ratings Whore
He's not the humanitarian people think he is.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Hollywood Movies Stink
We had a couple dozen reasons, but boiled it down to 10 for the article.

Top Five Reasons why Commercial TV Sucks
Are we sensing a theme here?

The Trollop Trifecta
Why do we care what Lindsay, Paris and Britney do? Because we are addicted to the things we hate.

Working for the Man
Life in the desert at the annual Burning Man festival

USAVOICE: Genuine News Service or Something Else?
We uncovered the news that an online news service was really just a clever internet scam.

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