"Not Appropriate for Really Anybody"

According to the LA Times, a theater in Illinois would rather close its doors for two weeks than show the films that Hollywood is releasing right now.

Greg Boardman, owner of the 84 year old, 500 seat Lorraine theater in downtown Hoopeston, Il. said he would rather go dark than show films like "Jackass 2."
"There's just so much lousy material out there -— people vomiting on the screen," said Boardman, 52, who grew up watching movies in the Lorraine and now runs the business from Northern California. "I have one of the finest sound systems in the world, and I don't want to waste it on such drivel."
Now make no mistake, I am personally a fan of the Jackass stuff and laugh at the idiots on the screen just like all of my other psychotic friends. As we have seen countless times, "schadenfreude" is still a viablecommodityy for modern American entertainment. And while I doubt that two screens will make anoticeablee dip in the already piss-poor box office numbers, perhaps just maybe, this statement by a theater owner might send a message to the studios that pandering to the lowest-common-denominator might not be as profitable as it once used to be.

As long as this dark-screen protest doesnt ilicit an equaly bad and opposite reaction from Hollywood as they desperately try to modernize the beach blanket genre or have them cranking out musicals, I'm all for it.

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