Leave it to Lindsay

When she's not walking into parking meters in Hollywood, being an ambulance chaser's wet dream, at New York Fashion week, getting scolded like a 6th grader by the head of the studio for being late to the set, OR being considered by her far more talented and humble co-stars that she should have her ass kicked for the way she behaves, what would you expect one of Hollywood's favorite tabloid train wrecks to be doing?

Why, being honored by Hollywood, of course.

The Hollywood Film Festival - yet another self-important cinematic circle jerk - has decided to honor Lindsay Lohan with the "Hollywood Breakthrough Actress of the Year Award." Lohan will join the illustrious ranks of former thespian giants such as Rachel McAdams, Naomi Watts, and Shannon Elizabeth. According to contactmusic.com, "the awards are generally seen as a showcase for Academy Award hopefuls."

Hope all you want, but if "ol firecrotch" gets an Oscar, I believe that this would mark the start of that "end time" thing mentioned in the bible.

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