Hollywood Tries to Figure out What's Going Wrong

Not long ago, the Motion Picture Association of America stated that they were working on ways to improve the slump at the box office. According to stats from the MPAA, about 1.4 billion tickets were sold in the United States last year, representing a 9% drop from 2004 and the lowest total since 1997.

Speaking at the ShoWest convention of theater owners this year, MPAA chief Dan Glickman said his group is considering an advertising campaign to get "people excited about getting out of their homes to go to the movies." "Hollywood spends "hundreds of millions of dollars promoting individual movies but very little promoting ... movies in general," he said. "Why not?"

And who better to tell the American movie-watching public what they should be watching than the former head of the Department of Agriculture?

While Glickman begs theater owners to come up with new ways to think creatively and provide value to the movie-watching experience, there is one simple idea Hollywood needs to consider that would go a long way to increasing the number of people that go to their local google-plex and pay small fortunes to see the filmed entertainment:

Stop making shitty movies.

There should be no excuse for anyone to spend $11 to see a bad movie. Add to that the cost for a family of four to drive to their nearest theater, pay for parking and then take out a second mortgage to purchase snacks and you can begin to see why Hollywood needs to get it's act together or watch their profits drop even further into the crapper.

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