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"One of my new faves,
... smart, funny and dropping a unique angle on Hollywood news and gossip.
But be warned, those allergic to sarcasm and snide remarks need not apply."

- le Trash

I'm known as "The Judge" or simply "Judge" or sometimes "That guy that keeps laughing at the wrong parts of the movie."

I've been working in or around the television business for most of my adult life. I created the Hollywood Dump because complaining about the insanity of the business of Hollywood makes for good therapy. The Germans call it "Schadenfreude." Loosly that translates into "taking joy from another's misfortune." Its a sad way to look at the world around you, yet at the same time very cathartic.

Let's face it: It's fun to point out the latest big-budget, over-marketed blockbuster flop on the big screen. Its nice to see Lucas get knocked down a peg or two.

A dump can be a very interesting place. One man's trash is another man's treasure. We try to seperate the treasure from the trash and offer you an unbiased, cynical, irreverent comment on the stuff we find. We're your dumpster divers on the trash heap of Tinseltown.

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The Staff
There are three of us working at the Dump:

David Thorne - AKA "The Judge" -
Editor in Chief and Lord High Everything Else

Producer, film critic, and all-around underpaid pawn for the television business for over 20 years, doing everything from fetching coffee and schlepping cable, to writing scripts, producing, directing and generally being a big pain in the ass to PR departments and studios everywhere. "The Judge" is your grand poobah of all things Hollywood and the patriarch of the Hollywood Dump.

However, this is not to say that he thinks of himself as a big shot of any kind. He's just a regular schmo trying to make an honest living working in the weirdest business in the world.

Jay Jammer - Senior Film Critic

"I like movies and I like giving my opinion on movies. I dislike other reviewers who tell the entire film in their review…if I want to know about the entire film I’ll go and see it. That’s why I don’t share anything about the movie that people would be better off seeing. I just tell what I liked about it and why and what type of person might like the movie. I’m not into Movie Nazis and I try not to be one, but when it comes to the Oscars I think that those should be based on the best and if they do not base it on the best then I will have an issue. Subjectivity is boring. If people just went around going, "OMG that’s subjective," then I would die of boredom. I do find people who use that excuse boring. I know what is and isn’t subjective I don’t need to be lectured on how people like different types of movies, but if you can’t explain why a movie is good, don’t get mad at me when I tear it apart because it sucks."

Some say that television has eaten away a portion of his frontal lobe. and that he has an American Idol tattoo... somewhere. All I know is we call him...

TV Maven
- Television Critic

What can be said about TV Maven? Well since he hasn't given me his bio yet, I am forced to tell you the truth. Maven was born from pygmie parents living in a remote village outside of Madagascar. The village had only one television and to keep young maven from screaming all day while his village sold satellite dishes made out of mud, he was placed in front of its flickering screen for most of the day. Hour after hour, day after day young Maven suckled from the teat of technology. Because of this, it appears that only the incessant wailing of American Idol contestants seems to keep him from drooling on himself and farting uncontrollably. Its really a terrible condition. Good thing he's a damn good writer.

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